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Big Post commenced in 2011 to specialise in providing freight delivery and depot collection services around Australia. We have partnered with a number of different carriers to provide a complete and competitive transport network. We pride ourselves upon our customer service, our custom built technology platform, our depot collection network and our competitive rates . We place a lot of emphasis on maintaining our supplier relationships as well as working with our customers to improve our service offering.


Business to Depot

Big Post specialises in providing freight delivery services for pallets and cartons around Australia. We have a network of over 150 Collection Depots to send your heavy freight to for convenient collection by the receiver. This is an affordable alternative to residential deliveries of heavy skids and pallets. Our depots are located in all metropolitan centres as well as coverage in most major regional hubs.

Business to Residential

We offer a variety of Business-to-Consumer (BTC) delivery solutions such as Scheduled Residential Deliveries in major cities with the availability of power tailgates and crane trucks to deliver heavy goods. In addition to this for any item(s) up to 35kg in dead weight we provide a cost effective “leave safe” parcel delivery service.

Business to Business

Our Business-to-Business (BTB) network is Australia wide and accommodates both parcel and palletised freight. Use this service when picking up from and delivering to a commercial business address. Heavy items (35kgs+) such as skids and pallets require the presence of a forklift on pickup and delivery.

Why Big Post?


We have good rates… And continue to work on improving them as we grow our volumes. We don’t care if your business spends $1000 or $1,000,000 with us per annum! You will receive the same competitive prices and quality customer service despite your size.

Customer Service

Call us and we pick up the phone! No offshore call centre or phone queue, just the same friendly staff willing to assist.

Freight Warranty

We provide a simple freight warranty that covers the cost of your item(s) and freight expense. The claim process is simple and quick. One of our consultants can talk you through the product and terms.

I.T. Platform

Our system belongs to us, and is built by us with the assistance of our customers’ feedback and ideas. We are truly “agile” from a technology perspective and so we are always looking for new ideas to improve the business platform. With the help of our current customers we have been able to build an easy to use platform that provides all your quoting and consigning functions, management dashboards, as well as tracking and item/address management. We have some new tricks up our sleeve for the next few months… just watch this space.


What is an API? It stands for “Application Program Interface.” In simple terms it means our system can talk to your system, from basic shopping carts to complex ERPs. We have documentation available upon request.


Yes we do have a simple widget to imbed on your eBay site. We have documentation for this available upon request.

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